Q. Is this clicker training?

A. No we don’t use clickers.  Though clickers are great for teaching complex tricks and capturing micro-movements, most dog owners are not proficient at handling treats, clickers, your leash, and your spatial awareness all at once. We are able to “mark” with our voice by simply saying “yes”!

Q: How old does my dog have to be to begin your Proven Three-Week Program?

A: Six months or older.  Puppies younger than six months don’t have the self-control for lessons such as “heel” or “stay”.  By six months, it is time to teach focus and impulse control which will change your life!

Q: What is different about your programs?

  • Our Proven Three-Week Program provides results superior to board-and-train, yet your dog is home nights and weekends.
  • We will transition your pet off of treats by the end of your course with us.  The exception will be if your dog has a significant fear or aggressive issues, we will coach you on continuing situational treating in your training.
  • We train outside around significant real-world distractions to get you farther faster towards your goals.

​Q: Does my dog need training to fly on an airplane?

A: Yes, more and more airlines are requiring your dog be professionally trained for airline travel.  There are many things involved that don’t naturally consider beforehand.  Long time periods spent in a very busy and loud airport can exacerbate problem behaviors such as barking.   Dogs need to be well prepared through socialization and solid training to prevent unnecessary trauma, and to prevent nuisance behaviors that could get you rejected or ejected from your flight!

We offer an accelerated intensive program that includes a certificate you can present to the airline prior to travel. Update: Due to misuse, more stringent documentation may now be required.​

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