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10/17/2023 My 8 month old puppy recently graduated from the 3 week program and I cannot even tell you the difference it has made for not only my puppy, but for me. Amber was her trainer and I cannot thank her enough. I started to see positive behavior changes during the first week. On walks, my mini bernedoodle always wanted to jump towards people and other animals while pulling me down the street. This breed of dog is known to be anxious and I tried everything I could before enrolling her in the program. I guess I just couldn’t “speak dog” well enough because after my puppy graduated from the 3 week program she could heel, sit, stay, go to place, and come when called. The 3 week program really helped my puppy’s anxiety – she now knows what to do in those stressful situations. At my initial consultation, I could immediately tell Amber really understood the psychology of a dog. My puppy could barely contain her excitement to see Amber every morning.
While some may think the program is a tad expensive, I could not have gotten results as quickly as I did anywhere else. You could do private hour sessions at another dog training facility, but in reality it will cost you the same overtime and take much longer – especially if you are inconsistent.
What’s also great about the their 3 week program is that my puppy was not trained in a warehouse setting like most places. She was taken to public settings and learned in a real environment with all of the distractions.
You will have to practice with your dog outside of school hours, but the beauty of it is that your trainer will lay out all of the groundwork for you during your 1on1 sessions. Your dog will know what to do, you just have to learn how to communicate with your dog.
All that being said, I HIGHLY recommend LASFD – especially the 3 week program. I am sure all of the trainers are spectacular, but a special shout out to Amber for her work with. Zuma ❤️

  • 2/27/2021 Jennifer was a godsend.  My dog Scout, while very sweet, is an alpha female with high drive, giving me a run for my money.  The 3 week program and individual lessons for me really helped.  Jennifer really understands dog psychology and was able to individualize training to meet Scout’s temperament.  I can’t recommend the school and Jennifer enough. Robin E.
  • 9/26/2020 I can’t rave enough about LA SCHOOL FOR DOGS!! Our boy Wrigley started as a crazy, pulling bundle of fur!! Jennifer is truly a gem!! Her knowledge  & training tips have made Wrigley a delightful puppy!!I’ve had three LABS & the training Wrigley & myself had here is superior to any other training I’ve done in the past.  I highly recommend LA SCHOOL!!! Thank you so much Jennifer aka Dog Whisperer 🙂 Lisa R. Thousand Oaks
  • 7/25/2020 I am so so grateful for Jennifer and all she’s done for us. We came to her with a very stubborn and difficult dog who pulled us around and jumped up on anyone and anything. We went through the 6 week private training and I can say with confidence our dog behaves completely different. Jennifer gave us all the tools and tough love we needed to become leaders for our rambunctious pup. Make no mistake, it took hard work and was frustrating at times, but entirely worth it. The love, care, and knowledge Jennifer bestowed on us changed us all for the better, not just our dog. She encouraged us to be assertive and take control. And beyond the six week training she provided us with tools and support to continue solidifying Milly’s training on our own. I can not recommend this school and this woman enough. Sarah R.

  • 5/30/2020 Just finished first lesson and I’m immediately impressed by Jennifer’s knowledge and approach.  My new pup is a handful but I know he’s smart and will be a great dog …but with his high energy and play biting I knew I needed some help.  I’m so glad I found this place because I instantly felt confident that we are going to get Murphy where I want him.  She is super positive and humane in her methods and had an answer for every scenario on exactly how to handle it.  We’ve barely begun and I’m already starting to feel excited again about my puppy as opposed to overwhelmed and frustrated.  I have a good roadmap and can’t wait for my next session in 3 weeks.  The very small number of negative reviews are really surprising to me because Jennifer is nothing but patient, enthusiastic, and super knowledgeable so I can’t imagine the problem was on her side.  The rates seem incredibly reasonable as well given the amount of info she arms you with. Jim H. Calabasas

  • 7/8/2019   Simply OUTSTANDING.  We sent our 8 month old Labrador over to work with Alex in their 3 week program.  He came back controlled, obedient and with the ground work for us to help him become a great dog!  Alex was exceptionally professional and great to work with.  Wholeheartedly recommend the school – will be back next for their off-leash program.  Mark S. Thousand Oaks
  • 06/06/2019  We brought our lab (now 5) to LASFD when she was 6 months old for her first training.  Jennifer and the team at LASFD worked with not only her, but with my family in order to train all of us so that we could continue to work with her.  During that time, she learned many commands and we learned how to properly walk her, make sure she didn’t jump on people, etc.  Our dog also had an issue with barking at people and would lunge at small dogs.   Jennifer taught us how to deal with those issues as well.  When she was a year old, we had her do the off leash training program.  To be honest, I was skeptical at first but wow what a difference that made!  Over the years, if my dog started acting up, Jennifer had me bring her back in for a “tune up” lesson for both of us.  Jennifer and everyone else she hires have such an in depth understanding of how dogs think and act and they work hard to help your dog overcome any unacceptable behavior.  I have had dogs my whole life but have never had one as well trained, thanks to Jennifer. Jennifer will be firm with you and your dog because she is serious about making sure your pup finishes their training with the best intended results.  You can really tell that Jennifer loves all dogs and that they are her passion.  She is professional, patient and always available to give advice and help you through any issues you may have with your dog.   I am so grateful for Jennifer’s guidance over the years in teaching me and my dog overcome any obstacles that may get in the way. Having a well-trained dog really changes your life!  THANK YOU JENNIFER!  Robin P. Agoura Hills
  • 6/5/2019 Updated review  Nacho is the second pup in our family we have taken to Jennifer for obedience training. Before his lessons he was almost impossible and we soon had favorable results as expected from his warm and caring crew of trainers.  We are grateful to Jennifer for her loving guidance, professionalism, and inordinate patience with us all. Kudos to LASFDOGS! Neeta C.
  • 2/10/2018 Previous Review  We were so delighted we took Kahlua, our 1 year old rambunctious over-reactive black lab doodle, to LASFD for training /therapy sessions . I learned so much regarding how my behaviors affected Kahlua from the amazing owner/ instructor Jennifer Mann. Kahlua used to drag me wherever she wanted and lunge and bark at anyone within 20 feet. After the 3 week course and our much needed therapeutic parental lessons, our crazy pup now heels, auto sits, down stays and quickly goes to her place” when directed. We are still watching the instructional videos to avoid distractions and we are making great progress in curbing her stranger danger growling episodes. She is able to walk within 5 feet of strangers if we have enough hot dogs and can say leave it 20 times in 20seconds! LASFD has helped transform our big furry sweetheart and we have nothing but praise and gratitude for the transformation. Neeta C. Thousand Oaks
  • 5/20/2019 Our Aspen is a changed puppy because of these folks. The changes in his overall demeanor and ability to listen effectively are amazing. I would highly recommend LA School for Dogs!  Christopher D. Newbury Park
  • 8/11/2018  I could not recommend LA School for Dogs and Jennifer more. I brought in my 3 1/2 year-old Pomeranian, Brodie, and after the 3 Week Day Camp, he came home a changed dog. Brodie is (and this is an unbiased opinion) the cutest dog in the world. Because of that, I let him rest on his looks for the first three years of his life and shrug it off if he didn’t listen to my commands. After his time with Jennifer and Ashley and Andrea, Brodie now sits whenever I ask, lays down, stays, and heels. The one-on-one time I had with Jennifer was so valuable too, as she trained me and let me know what behaviors I was exhibiting that were hindering Brodie’s learning. Highly, highly recommend!  Jason G. West Hollywood
  • 7/28/2018  Our dog completed the puppy training and the three week training programs this summer.  Jennifer and her staff worked wonders with him.  We were amazed.  Not only is Jennifer an outstanding trainer, she is an excellent therapist.  She worked wonders with me too.  You could not ask for more.  A big Thank You to Jennifer and her staff!  Cathie A. Newbury Park
  • 9/15/2017  Jennifer, the owner of LA School for Dogs is very gifted with training dogs and I highly recommend her and her company.  Our 2 1/2 year old rescue dog Duffy has been very fearful of everyone and everything since we got him at 4 months old. I could not even taken him for a walk he was too afraid.  We tried another dog trainer before I knew about LA School for Dogs who was very nice and did help us a little but it was not enough.  After talking to two different people who put their dogs through the training and highly recommended Jennifer I thought I would try again.  I am so glad I did. Duffy is more confident after just 3 weeks of training and I am able to take him for walks now.  Jennifer taught me how to help Duffy feel safe and it will be an ongoing work in progress but she has given me the tools.  Wendy W. Newbury Park​
  • 8/29/2017  LA School for Dogs has changed our almost 6 year old! I thought for sure you can’t teach old dogs new tricks…boy was I wrong. Jennifer, has a gift! We did the 6 week training and just after a week our little Nellie was changed. My anxiety over anxious dog was calm and taking orders like she had been doing this forever! Life in my house has forever changed since Jennifer and her team entered it! If you have a dog…this is a must!!!  Karen P. Westlake Village
  • ​7/8/2017  Jennifer Mann and her staff are so skilled and they will change your life forever. We just finished the 3 week program and our German Shepherd is a different dog when it comes to behavior. We can take him anywhere and he is the perfect gentleman.  We highly recommend the LA School for Dogs. Ken G. Manhattan Beach
  • 6/21/2017  I recently enrolled my  6 month old Goldendoodle in the 3 week course.  I cannot say enough about this program.  Jennifer and her staff were amazing with her, (and me).  Golda is still goofy, but is well behaved and walks like a champ.  Very pleased with the results.  I think Golda actually misses going every day.  Merle L. Thousand Oaks
  • 3/25/2016 Our six month old chocolate labrador has just completed the 3-week boot camp and the results have far exceeded our expectations. He was getting to the stage where he was jumping up at people and pulling on his leash and we decided to try obedience classes before he got any stronger. Being fairly new to the area we enrolled him at LA School for Dogs based on reviews on Yelp. Jessica and Jennifer have done a great job getting him to the point where he’s a pleasure to take on walks on his leash and much more calm at home and also when meeting new people and other dogs. Friends have commented on the difference that three weeks can make! We highly recommend this business. Jessica and Jennifer treat the dogs as if they were their own. We couldn’t have asked for more! John N.
  • 7/25/2015 Casey- Jessica has fundamentally changed my relationship with my dog and I can’t thank her enough. Everyday walks were becoming a stressful and frustrating experience for me. Casey would not listen. He’d eat everything he could get his jaws on. And he’d ignore any command I gave him. But after six weeks of personal training, I now have the tools to work with him. And he knows his boundaries really well. Considering he is 7 years old, this is pretty impressive!! Thank you, Jessica, for making my relationship with Casey so much better than it was before we met you!!!  Owen E.
  • 4/7/2015 Beau-I found Jennifer and Jessica via the internet while searching for obedience training for our golden retriever puppy. With her training and expertise she has transformed a very shy puppy into a confident young dog. I am looking forward to continuing with advanced training with LASFD!! Five+ stars for sure! Teri A.
  • 3/9/2015 Louie-I’d give 6 stars if I could!  We did a lot of research and after reading reviews and meeting with Jennifer we chose LA School for Dogs.  We had tried other training for Louie, our 100+lb chocolate lab, but nothing really worked.  He was just so powerful that we couldn’t control him on a leash, especially around other people and dogs.  He is sweet, playful and friendly and just wanted to meet anyone or anything that came by.  We decided to do the 3 week boot camp, and we can’t believe the transformation in just 12 days.  Jennifer is the best I’ve ever seen.  Dogs respond and thrive around her.  Turns out the owners were the issue!  Jennifer worked with us on various techniques.  It is now a pleasure to not only walk Louie, but on the night of his “graduation” we took him to an outdoor patio at a restaurant and he calmly laid there, perfectly settled.  That could have never happened a month ago.  Jennifer and Jessica are passionate about what they do.  The program is not inexpensive, but you get results that will last a lifetime and improve the enjoyment for your family (and dog).  Can’t recommend these folks highly enough!  Don S. Westlake Village, CA
  • 3/6/2015 Finn-Taking my Great Dane puppy to LA School for Dogs was the best decision I have ever made! Jennifer and Jessica took him from a dog that I dreaded leaving the house with because I couldn’t handle him on leash, to now being my favorite walking companion… IN THREE WEEKS!!! Not only did they train him, they also trained me so I could be sure to implement all the techniques at home. I would have never believed I could see so much change in a dog in such a short time, until I saw it with my own eyes!! Thank you Jen & Jess, you two are miracle workers!!!!!  Laura W. Hidden Hills, Ca
  • 2/2/2015 Cooper-We cannot say enough amazing things about LA School for dogs. We brought our 10 month old Berne-doodle (Bernese and poodle mix) in to them for their 3 week boot camp. Cooper is 70 pounds and getting bigger by the day – so we knew we needed to act fast if we were going to enjoy walking him (not HIM WALKING US!!!)  The end of the 3 week program yielded such astonishing results. He is SO obedient on his walks. He heels like a pro. He auto sits at every stop. He obeys the COME command so much better. He is just such a joy for my 14 year old barely 100 pound daughter to walk!!!!  We cannot wait to take Cooper back for “off leash training” after he is one.  I cannot recommend this place enough. Both Jessica and Jennifer are absolute DOG WHISPERERS!!!  They exude love for every dog that comes through their doors – no matter how difficult to work with. They are awesome to talk with and very warm & friendly to humans too – LOL. Rest assured they will love your dog like you!!!!  Heidi R. Ventura, Ca
  • ​​​1/14/2014 Brooke-I can never thank you enough for the wonderful transformation you performed on Brooke! She was so afraid of people, being outside, noises etc when we brought her to school.  Upon completing the course she is a totally changed dog, not to mention how wonderfully she behaves.  She now loves to go for a walk and is willing to trust us that we will keep her safe from strangers. Her tail does not automatically tuck itself under her stomach anymore. She heels, sits and stays beautifully, not to mention going to her “place” upon command.  I have told all our friends about the L.A School for Dogs and my whole hearted recommendation of you and your school!  Thank you again.  – Sunny & Jerry B.   
  • 1/8/2014 Stella-I’ve never had a dog professionally trained before and I’ve had dogs all my life.  From here on out i will always bring all my dogs to Jen! She really knows and understands them.  I have an 8 month old pug/ frenchie mix that had alot of energy and now after training she walks well on a leash, is super mellow yet still playful and a love to be around.  That is all due to Jen! It really is the perfect place for our dog!   Lindsay E.
  • 12/2/2013 Tug-I can’t say enough about this place.They are so attentive to the dogs, sweet, and just did a fantastic job training our 7-month old puppy. He needed some extra attention due to a neurological problem and they were able to cater his training to his needs and were very successful in doing so. I felt my dog was treated so well, and he was so excited to go back every day. At the end of the third week, he was doing what they had promised even though I had not thought it possible. This place is worth EVERY penny!!  – Allison M.
  • 8/22/2013 Remy-I feel very lucky for having found Jennifer.  After getting my new Lab puppy, I decided I wanted to get professional training this time around. I did a search on the Internet for a professional dog trainer local to me. Quite a few came up, but there was something about Jennifer’s website that I liked and the reviews were all glowing.
    I called and she invited me to come by for a free consultation. The consultation took place with Jennifer walking my pup and evaluating her as we talked. The consultation was also sort of a mini-lesson in itself as Jennifer showed me many things I needed to know about dealing with my new pup. I can be rather long-winded at times and our “free consultation” ended up lasting more than an hour. I knew right then and there Jennifer was the trainer for me.  Jennifer suggested her “Puppy Head Start” class for my Lab, as she was too young for any formal training. Great suggestion! I highly recommend the Puppy Head Start class for anyone with a new pup, even if you do not follow it up with any more training. The class is more about teaching you, the owner, how to walk, train and live with your new puppy than actually teaching the pup.  Once my Lab reached six months of age, we started her official training with Jennifer’s three week program. I won’t go into detail about the program, I’ll just say ‘what a difference’ three weeks can make with a trainer that knows her profession and knows her dogs. Oh, and you’ll learn too! You, the owner get three one hour sessions during the three week period, and some homework over the weekends for you and your dog, but it is fun homework, I promise.
  • Ziggy and Lincoln-I took the boys out together this afternoon after my daughter left and they did really well.  ‘It is probably just a fluke’, I thought to myself.  I just returned from another outing with the both of them and we went even further away from our usual route.  All I could think about was three weeks ago, and how each time I would take them out for a walk, I would have such hope and then come back frustrated at myself and them.  They are AMAZING, Jennifer….all because of YOU (and Frankie, of course)!  We walked with confidence and a little bit of pride.  I was always so envious of people I would see walking with their calm controlled doggies…now, I am one of those people!  We were fortunate not to run into any squirrels but did trot by 2 dogs at a distance and Ziggy did quite well.  I cannot thank you enough…you are truly a miracle worker!  I will be practicing and hopefully in the next couple of weeks, I will become as adept as they are.   –Lane S.
  • Winston-“Jennifer did a fantastic job training my 7 month old English mastiff, Winston.  Walking him on a leash used to be very difficult. After his lessons with Jennifer he became an absolute joy to walk around the neighborhood. He walks on a loose leash, sits when I stop and stays when I tell him to stay. I highly recommend Jennifer”.   John H.
  • Marley and Sarge-“We wanted to send you a brief note to say thank you for the incredible work you did with our two dogs Marley and Sarge. We were so impressed after just 4 days, and by three weeks we couldn’t believe they were ours! They aren’t the same “wild” dogs that we once had. They listen and follow all the commands they were taught. The training we received as owners was invaluable too! Because they are so well behaved we love to take them for a walk now and show them off to everyone. We will recommend your services to anyone who needs a dog trainer. You are awesome! We definitely got the results that we were looking for!”  John and Jodi P.
  • Besos-“Jennifer is wonderful!  She helped my very fearful dog to relax and enjoy her walks, as well as, people and dogs around her.  We just finished her 3 week course and Besos is so well trained!  She is such a pleasure to have around the house now and she listens to us!  Jennifer helps you problem solve and comes up with realistic solutions.  She is very honest and upfront about the dog and your handling of the dog.  After she meets you and your dog, she lets you know  the results you can expect from her training.  I highly recommend her!”   Helen M., West Hills 
  • Rocky-“My bf came across one of The LASFD flyers at a coffee bean in the valley and decided to see what the program was about. Our pup Rocky is a year old and had been showing signs of aggression and separation anxiety. We set up a free consultation with Jennifer on a Saturday morning. She sat down with us and our dog and observed him and gave us a few explanations why he was acting the way he was.  She told us what she thought her different programs could do for Rocky and broke down all the details.  
    From the beginning we felt very comfortable with Jennifer, she didn’t put any high pressure sales tactics on us and urged us to go home and think about if her programs were right for us.  We ended up choosing her 3 week doggy boot camp for Rocky and the parent classes at the end of every week so that we can keep up all he has learned at home.
    We are now on our last day of training and we have seen amazing improvements with Rocky. He absolutely adores Jennifer and gets excited when I ask him in the morning if he’s “ready to go to school”. I don’t know who is going to be sadder that our time with Jennifer is over, us or Rocky.  I would highly recommend this program to any pet owner in search for training. Jennifer is awesome!”   Michelle, Danny and Rocky
  • SANDY-“Jennifer was amazing with our dog, Sandy. We now have a dog who is fully incorporated into our family. Walks are fun; commands are followed; good behavior abounds. Jennifer spent three intensive weeks with Sandy and Sandy is now a much happier puppy. She’s not as scared around new people, cars, or loud noises– all things that meant crazy barking and manic yanking at her leash before. Jennifer taught us how to approach these situations and we are all so much better for it. It’s like a different house where we now all feel more relaxed and at home.  I am so thrilled with the results of the training. Every family should bring their new dog to L.A. School for Dogs!”  Leila Stolberg
  • BEAU-“Jennifer is a fantastic dog trainer! I have a 75 lb. Golden Retriever. She taught me simple commands that helped socialize my dog (Beau). She helped Beau overcome his fear of going through his expensive, electronic doggie door which sat unused for 5 months before Jennifer spent 1 hour with him. She also taught him simple tricks. I never raised a dog before. I would recommend her to anyone.”  Etta Martin
  • STOGIE-“Jennifer is truly amazing, she took our dog “Stogie” from a rambunctious destroying everything American Bull Dog puppy into a well mannered amazing dog.  We looked at 4 dog trainers before we found Jenn. One even swore he would only need to come once and that was it, his method was throwing his wallet at our dogs cage, all I remember from our session was a scared puppy running under my feet for protection and him telling us not to look or touch the dog. Jennifer does no such thing, she is loving and caring toward any animal she meets, she is firm when need be and overall just fantastic.  Jennifer not only works with the dog but she worked with us as well, she trained us how to handle the dog and any situation we get in. Stogie was extremely strong headed and wanted to do what he wanted to do and we just let him because we didn’t know what we were doing, Jenn gave us the tools to help Stogie be the best dog possible.  Jennifer is always on time, and each time Stogie came back you would tell that she worked him mentally and physically. Stogie knows how to be protective when needed but loving and caring with puppies, dogs, children and people coming up to him. He is able to sit while a pack of dogs walk by and he doesn’t bark or go crazy.  Jennifer was the best thing that came into our life after Stogie and if it wasn’t for her I don’t know if we could have managed Stogie.”  Chris Cabrera
  • OLIVE-“Jennifer is amazing and I could not recommend her more highly! It was fate the day that I called Olde Towne School for Dogs (OTSFD) – I was desperate for help with our new pug puppy Olive, who was not sleeping through the night or picking up the potty training concept. Jennifer answered the phone and spent at least 30 minutes talking me through some tips and tricks that could help with some of the problems we were experiencing. The tips worked, and we were finally able to get some sleep! Subsequent to that, we took Olive into OTSFD for her first meeting with Jennifer and signed up for the puppy head start program. Jennifer worked with us over the course of several weeks to begin introducing sit, stay, down, and come to Olive, who really responded to Jennifer. Not only did Jennifer have a great connection with our dog, but she was very good at training my husband and me – probably the more difficult task! When Olive was 6 months and old enough to enter the OTSFD day school, she began going every day for 3 weeks. The results were amazing! Olive is now a proud graduate of the OTSFD program, and we have Jennifer to thank for all of the improvements that we have seen in our dog. Jennifer is someone I enjoyed working with – she is very cool and always gave us an honest assessment of Olive’s training – strengths/weaknesses, and what we as owners need to work on. Jennifer is very accessible, by email or phone, and enjoys checking in on Olive’s progress now that she has completed the program. The training system Jennifer uses works, and we were able to apply many of the lessons we learned to our older dog, Stella. Bottom line, Jennifer is an extremely gifted dog trainer who you will enjoy working with, and we wish her well in all future endeavors! Perfect practice makes permanent, right Jennifer??”    Caroline Krueger    
  • RILEY-“Jennifer is a terrific trainer. She’s great with the dogs but also with their owners. Jennifer did excellent work educating our spirited male Jack Russell puppy, and my wife and I thoroughly enjoyed working with her.”   Ted Swett
  • DASH-“Jennifer worked magic with Dash, our golden doodle puppy! She is a true professional who knows dogs and how they think. In a series of one hour appointments she was able to train Dash (and Dash’s owners!) on an array of commands. I give Jennifer the highest marks in helping us and can see exactly why she is an award winning dog trainer!”  Philip Leopold
  • SIDLEE-“I’ve witnessed Jennifer having not only amazing results with her dogs, but with their owners. After all, dog training is only in part training the dogs — but also mastering “training the trainer” (owner). Jennifer excels at both. She is firm but kind with both the animals and their owners, stating her expectations every step of the way, and commanding positive results. It is without reservation that I recommend Jennifer and her services. You won’t be disappointed.”    Michele D
  • MOLLY-​”Molly, our Labradoodle, now 11 months was once described as a dog with A.D.D. and considered a very unruly puppy.  Molly’s nicknames were “jumping bean” and “pogo stick”.  We were happy if she had all 4 feet on the ground following a sit command.  To say she was a high-energy dog was a gross understatement.  At the beginning, we were very worried that she was not going to be the pet we had hoped for, gentle with the grandchildren, and one that the whole family could enjoy. Now, with Jennifer’s help we are all almost trained.  Molly now comes on command, takes us to the dog park and for walks without pulling our arms out of the socket. She is even allowing us walk off leash when we are good.  With Jennifer’s guidance, insightful advice and patience, Molly has become a delight, truly a member of our family.  We are extremely impressed with Jennifer and will continue to highly recommend her services”.    Sharon
  • DRAGON-“I’ve known Jennifer since 2008, when she helped me socialise my tiny Pomeranian puppy. Being a Shepherd person, I was a bit out of my depth with my uber-tiny puppy, and Jenn helped me balance my expectations of my puppy as a dog and her needs as a 2lb. creature. Since then, Jenn has worked with me with all my Shepherds in both group and private settings. Her knowledge of dogs and their needs, coupled with her calm energy make her a perfect choice for all levels of training. I highly recommend her.”    Dia              

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