Simple Steps to Prevent Your Excited Dog from Jumping Up

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I never thought it was possible

I never thought it was possible to have an online dog training program guide me to having a perfect dog.  The step-by-step instruction is fantastic and I get it!  Thank you Jennifer our doggy guru. Love Jack and Sassy

Jack and Sassy

Other training was full of ads and empty promises

I tried other online dog training but found them full of ads and empty promises. These common-sense strategies worked well for me and my dog Lucy the Beagle. We both thank you!  

Johanna Bergstein

Transformed a very shy and anxious puppy

I found the Mann's Best programs via the internet while searching for obedience training for our golden retriever puppy. With Jennifer’s unique program I’ve transformed a very shy and anxious puppy into a confident young dog. I am looking forward to continuing advanced training with LA School for Dogs!!!

Teri Abrams

I will always bring my dogs to Jen

I’ve had dogs all my life. From here on out I will always bring all my dogs to Jen! I have an 8 month old pug/ frenchie mix that had alot of energy and now after training she walks well on a leash, is super mellow yet still playful and a love to be around. That is all due to Jen! It really is the perfect place for your dog!

Lindsay Erickson

It’s so nice to take them out in public now

Jennifer taught our wild frenchies, Buster and Happy, to be perfect little gentlemen. It's so nice to take them out in public now. We are so grateful to L.A. School for Dogs. They were taught with love and respect.

Beau Bridges

Cool dog training and hot chicks

I like the way the techniques are blended together to fit my dogs personality. The body language stuff makes total sense and my dog gets it! Top notch videos, the chicks are hot.

Malcolm Robertson

Top Dog Advanced

Program Content

What You’ll Learn

Concepts To Start – Introduction To Training

Dog Speak – Body Language And The 5 Senses

The Proper Use Of Treats – And Knowing When to Quit!

“Leave It” – The Problem Behavior Tool

  • Teaching Alternative Behaviors
  • Increasing Distractions

“Sit” And “Free” – Wait to be Excused

Release Words – Work Time and Free Time

“Down” and “Settle”Practice Calm Doggie Yoga

  Walking At Heel – Stop Pulling for Good

  • Mastering Your Heeling Turns
  • Teaching Automatic Sits
  • Positive / Negative Markers

The Stay Sway – Extending Your Distance

Teaching “Come” The Best Game

  • “Come” for Young Puppies
  • Come When Called

The Power of “Place” More Doggie Yoga

The Three “D’s” – Around Town

  • Adding Distance Duration
  • Adding Distraction


Trainer Chat Support

Multimedia Experience

All Sizes And Breeds 

Personalized Certificates

Superior Results Can Be Yours In As Little As Four Weeks!

 We do it in three at L.A. School for Dogs…

Leash Walking Without Pulling… Does This Really Exist?

Yes, and we will show you how!

First-Time Responsiveness!

Sit, lay-down, come, stay etc. the first time you ask!

Patience – AKA “Impulse Control”. 

Waiting for permission to greet people or be excused. 

Come When Called

The first steps before moving to off leash!

Lose The Treats!

Knowing when to cut the cord!

And So Much More!


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