How do I Stop My Dog from Pulling on the Leash?

· April 15, 2018 1


There are many reasons why dogs pull on the leash, but mostly it is a combination of:

Excess energy – All dogs have energy but some more than others. The younger the dog, the more this is a piece of your trouble puzzle.

Boredom – Dogs crave activity. If you are boring your dog will find something to do somehow! Have you traveled the same route over and over again? Then it is time for new adventures. Enthusiasm is very important in keeping your dog interested in you. Dynamics in your body language and tone are helpful. Try being less predictable by changing up the route, as well as changing direction often to keep your dog guessing.

Natural tendencies – Being pack animals dogs are hard wired to cover ground in search of food, mates, danger and so-on. And there is always a leader. If you assume the follower position, your dog will just assume the lead.

The opposition reflex – The more you pull your dog to you, the more he tries to get away! Steady and constant pressure on a dog will guarantee he pulls in return. Try holding the very end of the leash and give a short pull and release to get some slack into the leash. Immediately change direction on your dog in order to buy you some time with the leash loose. Repeat this each time he goes back to pulling.

Lack of training – It is easy to stop the pulling if you know how! Success with heeling is guaranteed using our proven Eight Week Program.  Start now!


Jennifer Mann

Known by her clients and friends as their ‘doggie-guru’, Jennifer Mann is a credentialed Certified Professional Dog Trainer. She has been working in dog and puppy training, obedience, socialization and behavior modification for over 20 years.

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