Does my dog not understand or is he just being stubborn?

· August 22, 2017 Like
black dog looking up at camera

This is a really good question because it addresses the communication gap between a dogs language and ours!

So often people come in to training with the complaint that their puppy won’t listen! Now I don’t know about you but when I was an infant I knew very FEW words!

So how can you know if your dog is understanding what you are saying?

Answer: There are too many variables in this question but you will definitely want to first be sure to teach your dog by completing hundreds of repetitions especially in similar situations where you are mostly going to be expecting him to listen and comply.

We address this point of training in the Top Dog Advanced program, when we KNOW our dogs have learned something and now it is up to us to convince our dog that we expect consistent responses regardless of the situation.

Jennifer Mann

Known by her clients and friends as their ‘doggie-guru’, Jennifer Mann is a credentialed Certified Professional Dog Trainer. She has been working in dog and puppy training, obedience, socialization and behavior modification for over 20 years.

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