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How can LA School For Dogs Online help me?

This is the most complete and fastest way to stop bad behaviors, and build a rock solid relationship with your dog. Most dog training goals or problems can be narrowed down to some basic principles. And if you allow it, … Read more

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Dog Training Online at Home

Research online trainers with a track record that are accomplished in many approaches not just one. Free training video and lesson samples-proven programs.

Potty Training Tips

There are many tidbits of advice about potty or house training your puppy. The truth is that crate training is by far the best way to house train your pet. 

Teaching Come When Called

A solid recall or “come” is one of those elusive commands that challenge many dog owners. Learn how to train your dog with our online training programs!

Dog Training and Leadership

Establishing leadership helps your dog see the benefit of giving you their attention and responding to your requests. This is even more crucial for shy or insecure dogs, because you will be taking the lead when dealing with strangers.

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The Truth About Alpha Rolls

Today, most dog training experts agree that alpha rolls (forcing your dog onto his back) may force your dog to respond with aggressive behaviors as an instinct for self-protection.

Teaching Your Dog Patience

Like human children our dogs can learn to act-out when things don’t go their way. One way to solve dog behavior problems is by teaching patience.

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Puppy Training Benefits

By filling your puppies time with productive and fun things to do, you can prevent bad habits from forming in the first place. Free training videos!